Ibiza is in fact one my favourite places to DJ or alternatively to “just chill” and see friends. Having visited there for many many years now, in order to broadcast my live radio shows streamed directly back to the UK mainland, from such high profile venues as Café Mambo, Pukka up boat part , hush, as well as various other places on the island, there are in fact many different and incredible sides to the “magical party island” of Ibiza.

When they say the island does not sleep in the summer months this really is true!!! Ibiza brings you the best DJ’s, the best exhilarating music scene, and Super dance and party Clubs that you can imagine.

Ibiza is renowned for one of the most unsurpassed sunsets in the world, where everyone gathers for this magical moment to gaze out amazed at the beauty of the sun setting, whilst at the same time listening to “chilled out” music at the world famous Café Mambo, Savannah, Café Del Mar on the sunset strip in San Antonio. Crowds from all over the world gather together just to watch the sunset, & then once that’s happened the island turns into another place, simply The Dance Capital Island where the World’s famous DJ’s and Ibiza residents give you the best, simply unforgettable nights on the island.

The amazing comprehensive production which goes in to every day and night party is something which anyone needs to see for your own eyes, an experience that you will always remember!! The Ibiza super clubs world-renowned sound systems really take you to another level when it comes to clubbing and parties. Pacha being one of the best clubs in Ibiza is well worth checking out, not only “super star” DJ`S appearing & performing there, but also worlds mega stars such as Kylie Minogue, Seal, Usher and many more have all performed there as supreme artists for the visiting crowds to enjoy and relish.

Ibiza is an island which lights up day and night, in fact at any time of the day – super clubs become busy from 1.30am continuing till the early hours of the morning, so don’t be surprised if you are just leaving your chosen venue at 7am when the sun is rising from your night out.

The magical island has many beaches to offer to soak up, relax and simply chill, and let your day run away. One beach worth a look is Castella.

San Antonio being the amazing new town in Ibiza but also check out and make sure you try the amazing and intriguing old town of Ibiza itself, as it does have much to offer for everyone’s taste including Space Ibiza super club, Pacha,  Ushuaia ibiza hotel, Blue Marlin, countless restaurants, outstanding beach parties and many many more.

The photo on this page is just one of many sunset photos I have taken personally from my Ibiza collection to show you what amazing things happen in Ibiza, so now check out my gallery or videos here too.

Date: 19/04/2024